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Kayak & Paddleboard Rental Service
Ranier, MN 56668

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Renting has never been easier than with Rainy Lake Aquatics LLC. Rainy Lake provides breath taking views, great fishing, and amazing adventures for those looking for a fun time. One of our rental experts will work closely with you to select the right items for everything you will need on the water from inflatable coolers to dry storage items. We have a great selection of products to match every person and every budget. We have youth rentals so you can bring out your children, angler equipment for your rods and tackle, and tandem kayaks that make for a great date.

Sunset Kayak

Delivery & Set Up

Rainy Lake Aquatics LLC is committed to providing customers with everything they’re looking for. This includes delivery, set up, and pick up of our rentals. We have 3 landings to choose from: Loonies Landing, City Beach, or Voyageur's National Park ($20 fee). All located in Ranier, MN. Equipment is delivered, set up, and picked up from the landing of your choice. We can also deliver and pick up to and from private residents, houseboats, or various resorts. There is a minimum requirement of $60 in rentals to deliver and a $80 minimum requirement to deliver to Voyageur's (plus $20 fee).

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Hourly-Daily-Season Prices



Canoes: $80/day + tax

Adult Kayaks & Paddleboards: $10/hour or $40/day + tax

Tandem Kayaks: $20/hour or $75/day + tax

Youth Kayaks and Paddleboards: $5/hour or $20/day + tax

Splashpad (floating dock): $40/day + tax

Season Pass:

Single: $250 + tax

Double: $500 + tax

Inflatable Cooler: $5

Dry Storage Container: $3

Water: $1


With a Single Season Pass you can choose from either a kayak or paddleboard and can go as often as you would like, as long as there is availability. Reservations are preferred but not required. The Double Season Pass is good for two rentals, either kayaks, paddleboards, or one of each. PLUS 2 youth rentals, again your choice of kayaks or paddleboards. This is perfect for families of 4 or more. Life vests and paddles are included.

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Self Serve Rentals Now Available!

Self serve rentals are available at Loonies Landing. Contact us to reserve your equipment, then stop by our shop quick on your way to Loonies to pick up your life vests, paddles, any extra gear like an inflatable cooler, and sign paperwork. Please move equipment with 2 people, and rinse off and return them when done. Paddles and vests can be left at Loonies or returned to our shop. Please do not park in the Loonies Parking lot, there should be parking across the street or near Ranier Beach. 

Rental Equipment

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